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"Missouri Boys State was a pivotal part of my youth. I learned so much about myself and others, as well as government and democracy, during my week in Warrensburg. It makes you more fully appreciate this incredible country in which we live, and this experiment we call democracy. I firmly believe it is an experience not to be missed."

-- Leonard Kent Martin '70
Kansas City, MO

2017 Athletics


In the eight-day span of Missouri Boys State's week to shape a lifetime, young men from across the state have a multitude of opportunities to not only show their leadership abilities, but their physical athletic abilities as well. Missouri Boys State offers a number of sports that the cities compete against one another in, these sports include; Track, Basketball, Quiz Bowl, Softball, Volleyball, Badminton, Ultimate Frisbee, Bowling, and Horse Shoes. The cities' participation in these sports is essential for recognition throughout the state and the scoring of the ever looming Model City and Model County awards that are presented at the end of the week. Through victory and recognition of performance capabilities, cities have the opportunity to thrive with both bragging rights and the chance to impact the state through yet another life changing aspect of American Legion Missouri Boys State.












Did you know...
The athletics staff of UCM oversees, coordinates, and referees all sporting events in which the citizens compete.



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