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"I want to thank the American Legion for providing me the opportunity to learn the value of citizenship. In April of '04, I won a seat on the St. Joesph School Board. The Boys State opportunity helped me to determine my path in life."

-- Robert Hughs '92
St. Joseph, MO

Counties Are Forming at the 2021 Session of Missouri Boys State!

Tuesday Morning is a Big Day at Missouri Boys State. Early in the morning, the polls open yet again for the citizens of the 81st Session. Now that the cities are establised; counties are next up to bat! After lunch, the results of the County elections will be tallied and announced! Be sure to check out the results here.

Cities are Established and Locked in!

The 18 Cities of Missouri Boys State are now set up! In just under 60 hours the first layer to the foundation of Democracy, the City, is complete! City meetings are now run by Mayors, and are governed by City Council's! During Governmental Activies, citizens can now focus on the beautification of their city. Vying for the title of the Model City of the 81st Session of Missouri Boys State; and winning the coveted Harry S. Truman Model City Award!. Following Supper, the citizens headed to the Quadrangle for evening Colors, where they were met by the American Legion Riders. The Citizens were then treated to an interview style presentation between Former NFL Player and CIA Agent Howard Richards and Former Director of Missouri Boys State Mike Stewart.

Tishaura Jones Addresses Missouri Boys State!

Boys State was honored to host mayor of St. Louis Tishaura Jones as a keynote speaker Sunday evening. Using the metaphor of the boiling point of water, Jones asked citizens to reach their own 212th degree and generate their own "steam" required for success in their communities and at Boys State this week. Following her speech, she swore in the newly elected mayors of Boys State's 18 cities, officially presenting each city with their leader for the rest of the week.

Saturday June 12th, 2021

Brad Lear, Director of Missouri Boys State, began the 81st session by rapping the famed gavel. This is the official start of the 2021 Session of Missouri Boys State! However, don't be fooled; citizens have already began campagining, building relationships, and crafting their plans for their very own 'Week to Shape A Lifetime'.

The 81st Session began with a special presentation: a discussion between Former US Senator John 'Jack' Danforth, and Dean of the Campagining and Political Operations School Professor Steve Grand. This was followed by questions from the citizens to Mr. Danforth about current political topics.

Former US Senator Jack Danforth and Steve Grand

Staying Updated on the 81st Session of MBS

Curious as to what is happening during the 2021 Session?

Check out our MBS In Action Page, here.

Welcome to Missouri Boys State

The American Legion Boys State of Missouri is an eight-day hands on experience in the operation and fundamentals of government. Missouri Boys State draws together the best and brightest high school juniors to help lead them down the path of individual success and leadership through "doing," not just learning.

One idea paramount above any other at Missouri Boys State: That the individual is the one with the power to change the world. Whether athlete or politician, journalist or scientist, each and every one of us has the power to make a difference in the world.

Using our democratic system as a basis, we equip the participants, or citizens, each year to construct their own state, utilizing the core values that hold true in our everyday lives. We teach the need for competition, the value of public service, the strength of the individual voice and vote. By reinforcing these basic American ideals, we help to shape the future of our society. This is what the American Legion Boys State of Missouri program is all about. Citizens of The American Legion Boys State of Missouri are eligible to receive college credit and scholarships for participating and successfully completing Boys State.



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The 81st Session of MBS
June 12-19, 2021
on the campus of the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, MO.



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