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"To this day, I still tell stories of Missouri Boys State. I don't hesitate to say that it was the single best and most influential week of my life. Missouri Boys State helped me to shape my life and to further my interest in politics."

-- Joseph Paddock '13
Springfield, MO

2007 Contributors & Sponsors


Alumni Fund

Memorials & Honorariums


Citizens Honor Fund

Special Acknowledgements

Directors Sponsorship Fund

Friends of MBS Fund


2007 Contributors
(As of August 31, 2007)

Senators’ Club ($25,000 and Above)

C. Adrian Harmon
Lynn A. Harmon
Margaret K. Harmon
Tom D. Harmon
Kickapoo Voiture 760 40 & 8
Herbert M. and Nancy M. Kohn
Keith A. Maib

Governors’ Club ($15,000 - $24,999)

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
Grover Metzger American Legion Post 224

Legislators’ Club ($10,000 - $14,999)

Elton and Nancy Fay
Randy and Carla Gray
Gilmore & Bell, PC
Rusty and Carol Jones
Alan W. Kosloff
Stanley and Ann Kroenke
DST Systems, Inc.
Nations Bank, Taylor and Patti Abernathy
Charitable Trust
Shirley Quigg
Mark and Tina Stacy
Voiture Locale Trois
Nations Bank
James S. Whitfield

Mayors’ Club ($5,000 - $9,999)

Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.
Alan L. and Mary P. Atterbury
Andrea Berty and Paul Boydston
Alice M. Ellison
FDX Corporation
John V. Finamore
Steve Grand
Ed Martin
Ray O. Money
Chip Peterson
HH/HG Peterson Foundation
Dick and Deedee King
Kenneth R. Masterson
M. Scott Murphy
Robb & Robb LLC Charitable Foundation
Station Casino Kansas City
Paul O. Wilson

Citizens’ Club (Under $5,000)

Art Allen
Don Alexander
Aubuchon-Alsobrook American Legion Post 389
Battenberg Foundation
Allan H. Bell
Paul Bennett
Bob Bernstein
Robert J. Bevins
Bill Beydler
Chase Beydler
BGM Industries, Inc.
Ralph G. and Eleanor Biele
Joe C. and Barbara L. Blair
Alan Blankenship
Rick H. Blase
David J. and Janice J. Bolton
Lewis and Treva Bounds
Robert and Rita Boxdorfer
Raymond J. Brodzinski
Clarence L. King American Legion Post 128
Roger L. Cohen
Commerce Bank, William T. Kemper Foundation
Matthew L. Dameron
Dr. Herbert and Maria Dempsey
Steve and Rhonda Denny
Jerrold E. Deuser
John Doane
Bruce A. Dotson
Richard Durwood
Jerry L. Echternacht
Clyde and Loretta Eddy
Mark Eggert and Julie Tang
Warren K. Erdman
Irvin M. and Marilyn C. Etzold


Citizens’ Club (Continued)
Lewis and Alma Evans
J.A. (Jay) Felton
Michael D. Fields
Norman E. Fretwell
Leland and Anne Gerhart
Goad Ballinger American Legion Post 69
Golden Anniversary American Legion Post 555
Wayne S. Gregory
Gary L. Grigsby
John Grimm
Mark and Julie Grimm
Garry A. Haase
L. Craig Halsey
Hardin American Legion Post 487
Charles M. Hart, II
Keith Hartenberger
Douglas E. and Elizabeth O. Hazel
Ernest Hazel, III
Wallace L. Head
Heart of Missouri 40/8 Voiture 292
Heart of the Ozarks 40/8 Voiture 1395
Richard A. Heigert
Walt and Lynn Hicklin
Irv Hockaday
Robert and Kimberly Hoffman
Bob and Lori Holden
Andy Huckaba
Irwin-Easley American Legion Post 118
Russ Johnson
Gary H. Jones
James J. Kernell
King-Stephenson Memorial American Legion Post 264
Kirby C. Wilcox Bicentennial American Legion Post 676
Charles P. and Ada M. Kneff
Dave Knight
Herbert Kohn
Bradford B. Lear
Leon A. Robbins Memorial American Legion Post 318
Bill Liddle
J. G. Linbloom
Corey A. Luke
James F. Mareschal
Danny R. Melton
M. Denton Mitcham
Shawn D. Monterastelli
Philip Odeen
Old Monroe American Legion Post 420
J.W. Page
Charles E. and Joan R. Patterson
Shaun Peterson
Michael S. Plunkett
Scott and Elizabeth Pool
Julie D. Powell
Danny and Barbara Primm
Shirley Quigg
John J. Quinn
Rachael Steele & Associates, Inc.
Bill Riehle
Craig Ritchie
R.D. Ross
Edward J. Schifman
Nelson Scott
James Selzer
T.J. Siebenman
Lewis H. Smith
Delbert L. and Dorothy J. Snodgrass
Larry Spittler
St. Charles American Legion Post 312
St. Louis County American Legion Memorial Post 111
Stanley Pack American Legion Memorial Post 499
Bingo Committee
Rachael Steele
Dr. Hugh E. Stephenson, Jr.
Duane R. Sterling
Mercial A. and Laura F. Stewart
Jim and Mary Stilley
Christina Thompson
Paul M. Thomsen
Donald H. Tranin
Larry Tredway
Avis G. Tucker
James R. Tweedy
Vern R. Glick American Legion Post 25
Vietnam War Memorial American Legion Post 639
Voiture 1395, 40 & 8
Voiture 333, 40 & 8
Walter LePere American Legion Post 208
Paul S. and Donna Kaye Weitzel
Mark A. Wilkins
Wrzeciona-Smith American Legion Post 223

2007 Sponsors
(As of September 11, 2007)

1st Marine Division Association, St. Louis Chapter
40/8 Voiture 3 - Kansas City
40/8 Voiture 292 - Columbia
40/8 Voiture 447 - Table Rock
40/8 Voiture 448 - Florissant
40/8 Central Ozark Voiture 460 - Waynesville
40/8 Kickapoo Voiture Locale 760 - Springfield
40/8 Voiture 1292 - Jefferson City
40/8 Voiture 1321 - Arnold
40/8 Voiture 1395 - Mansfield
40/8 Voiture 1541 - Two Rivers
Adrian Optimist Club
Aerospace Filtration Systems, Inc. - St. Charles
Air Force Association Chapter 185 - Kansas City
Air Force Association Chapter 299 - Warrensburg
Albany Rotary Club
Allen Abstract and Title Co. - Alton
Alliance for Community Enrichment - Oregon
Alma Lions Club
Alton Bank
Ameren UE - St. Louis
American Legion 10th District
American Legion 10th District Children & Youth
American Legion 13th District
American Legion 14th District
American Legion 5th District
American Legion Auxiliary 253 - Festus
American Legion Auxiliary Unit 5 - Jefferson City
American Legion Post 001 - St. Louis
American Legion Post 003 - St. Louis
American Legion Post 004 - Affton
American Legion Post 005 - Jefferson City
American Legion Post 007 - Brunswick
American Legion Post 011 - St. Joseph
American Legion Post 012 - Vienna
American Legion Post 014 - Clinton
American Legion Post 015 - St. Louis
American Legion Post 016 - Sedalia
American Legion Post 017 - California
American Legion Post 019 - Buffalo
American Legion Post 020 - Kirksville
American Legion Post 021 - Independence
American Legion Post 023 - West Plains
American Legion Post 030 - Mountain Grove
American Legion Post 031 - Trenton
American Legion Post 033 - Cameron
American Legion Post 034 - Unionville
American Legion Post 037 - St. Louis
American Legion Post 038 - Fair Grove
American Legion Post 039 - Park Hills
American Legion Post 041 - Houston
American Legion Post 042 - Harrisonville
American Legion Post 043 - Lebanon
American Legion Post 045 - Hartville
American Legion Post 046 - Butler
American Legion Post 052 - Boonville
American Legion Post 055 - Hannibal
American Legion Post 055 Golf Course - Hannibal
American Legion Post 056 - Eagleville
American Legion Post 057 - Bucklin
American Legion Post 058 - Smithville
American Legion Post 059 - Dexter
American Legion Post 060 - Lexington
American Legion Post 061 - Kansas City
American Legion Post 063 - Cape Girardeau
American Legion Post 066 - Kennett
American Legion Post 067 - Rich Hill
American Legion Post 069 - Springfield
American Legion Post 071 - Kansas City
American Legion Post 078 - Slater
American Legion Post 080 - Kansas City
American Legion Post 082 - Windsor
American Legion Post 090 - Holden
American Legion Post 091 - Monett
American Legion Post 092 - Grant City
American Legion Post 094 - Troy
American Legion Post 095 - Liberty
American Legion Post 099 - Salem
American Legion Post 101 - Brentwood
American Legion Post 103 - Maplewood
American Legion Post 104 - Versailles
American Legion Post 106 - Albany
American Legion Post 109 - Campbell
American Legion Post 112 - Ava
American Legion Post 113 - Centralia
American Legion Post 114 - Sikeston
American Legion Post 117 - Braymer
American Legion Post 118 - Cassville
American Legion Post 120 - Miller
American Legion Post 121 - Mound City
American Legion Post 122 - Warrenton
American Legion Post 126 - Aurora
American Legion Post 131 - Warrensburg
American Legion Post 131 Past Commanders - Warrensburg
American Legion Post 133 - Perryville
American Legion Post 133 Booster - Perryville
American Legion Post 134 - Wellington
American Legion Post 138 - Bolivar
American Legion Post 142 - Marshfield
American Legion Post 149 - Kansas City
American Legion Post 150 - Ste. Genevieve
American Legion Post 152 - Ashland
American Legion Post 153 - Poplar Bluff
American Legion Post 156 - Kirkwood
American Legion Post 158 - Jackson
American Legion Post 161 - Ferguson
American Legion Post 163 - Neosho
American Legion Post 169 - Osborn
American Legion Post 170 - Canton
American Legion Post 174 - Palmyra
American Legion Post 177 - Eureka
American Legion Post 180 - Marthasville
American Legion Post 186 - St. Louis
American Legion Post 191 - Marshall
American Legion Post 194 - Holt
American Legion Post 195 - Crocker
American Legion Post 199 - Tarkio
American Legion Post 202 - Columbia
American Legion Post 208 - Manchester
American Legion Post 210 - Fulton
American Legion Post 211 - Glasgow
American Legion Post 212 - St. Louis
American Legion Post 213 - Maryland Heights
American Legion Post 216 - Bethany
American Legion Post 217 - Warsaw
American Legion Post 218 - Washington
American Legion Post 220 - Branson
American Legion Post 223 - Higginsville
American Legion Post 226 - Elsberry
American Legion Post 228 - Milan
American Legion Post 229 - Lake Ozark
American Legion Post 230 - Stockton
American Legion Post 236 - Excelsior Springs
American Legion Post 237 - Honor Team - Richmond
American Legion Post 237 - Richmond
American Legion Post 240 - Richland
American Legion Post 248 - Fredericktown
American Legion Post 253 - Festus
American Legion Post 258 - Concordia
American Legion Post 260 - Stanberry
American Legion Post 264 - Marceline
American Legion Post 266 - Pilot Grove
American Legion Post 270 - Rolla
American Legion Post 273 - Fayette
American Legion Post 279 - Sweet Springs
American Legion Post 281 - Piedmont
American Legion Post 282 - La Plata
American Legion Post 283 - Imperial
American Legion Post 285 - Hamilton
American Legion Post 286 - Odessa
American Legion Post 287 - Savannah
American Legion Post 297 - Union
American Legion Post 298 - Dixon
American Legion Post 299 - St. Louis
American Legion Post 300 - St. Louis
American Legion Post 305 - Cole Camp
American Legion Post 312 - St. Charles
American Legion Post 313 - St. Peters
American Legion Post 317 - Freeburg
American Legion Post 318 - Parkville
American Legion Post 320 - Pacific
American Legion Post 322 - Webb City
American Legion Post 323 - Wentzville
American Legion Post 331 - St. Robert
American Legion Post 338 - Overland
American Legion Post 343 - Stover
American Legion Post 347 - St. Clair
American Legion Post 358 - Knox City
American Legion Post 359 - St. Joseph
American Legion Post 366 - New Haven
American Legion Post 369 - Benton
American Legion Post 370 - Louisiana
American Legion Post 371 - Urich
American Legion Post 376 - Shelbina
American Legion Post 379 - Oak Grove
American Legion Post 382 - Bloomfield
American Legion Post 384 - Willow Springs
American Legion Post 388 - O'Fallon
American Legion Post 392 - Pineville
American Legion Post 393 - Gower
American Legion Post 397 - Creve Coeur
American Legion Post 400 - Fenton
American Legion Post 404 - St. Louis
American Legion Post 413 - Crane
American Legion Post 422 - St. Louis
American Legion Post 424 - Hartsburg
American Legion Post 443 - Everton
American Legion Post 444 - Florissant
American Legion Post 464 - Conception Junction
American Legion Post 467 - Lathrop
American Legion Post 478 - Blackburn
American Legion Post 487 - Hardin
American Legion Post 488 - Belton
American Legion Post 491 - Green Ridge
American Legion Post 494 - Qulin
American Legion Post 499 - Blue Springs
American Legion Post 501 - Weston
American Legion Post 506 - Chamois
American Legion Post 522 - Cuba
American Legion Post 528 - Parnell
American Legion Post 531 - Centertown
American Legion Post 538 - Linneus
American Legion Post 544 - Westphalia
American Legion Post 551 - Norborne
American Legion Post 554 - Bloomsdale
American Legion Post 555 - St. Louis
American Legion Post 556 - Chesterfield
American Legion Post 557 - Polo
American Legion Post 558 - Malta Bend
American Legion Post 559 - Licking
American Legion Post 566 - Calhoun
American Legion Post 578 - Lewistown
American Legion Post 586 - Sumner
American Legion Post 587 - Rosebud
American Legion Post 595 - New Madrid
American Legion Post 596 - Raytown
American Legion Post 598 - Kansas City
American Legion Post 618 - Osceola
American Legion Post 624 - Sunrise Beach
American Legion Post 626 - Gladstone
American Legion Post 632 - Lake St. Louis
American Legion Post 637 Color Guard - Kimberling City
American Legion Post 639 - Springfield
American Legion Post 642 - Sedalia
American Legion Post 676 - Brookline
American Legion Post 783 - House Springs
American Legion Post 785 - Hermitage
Ameriprise - C. Dan Miller - Overland Park, KS
AmVets Post 42 - Herculaneum
Aquila - Warrensburg
Armed Forces Bank - Ft. Leonard Wood
Ashland Optimist Club
Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. - Springfield
Aurora Lions Club
Auxvasse Lions Club
B&B Creative Designs, L.L.C. - St. Robert
Ball Bros. Forest Products - Koshkonong
Bank 10 - Drexel
Bank Midwest - Chillicothe
Bank Midwest of Maryville
Bank of Advance
Bank of Brookfield - Purdin
Bank of Fairport - Maysville
Bank of Holden - Holden
Bank of Holden - Warrensburg
Bank of Iberia
Bank of Leeton
Bank of Mansfield
Bank of Odessa
Bank of Orrick
Bank of Rothville
Bank of Salem
Bank Star of the Leadbelt - Leadwood
BankLiberty - Platte City
Bean & Bean Cotton, Inc. - Gideon
Belgrade State Bank
Bell City Rotary Club
Bench Motor Company, Inc. - Waynesville
Bethany Hy-Vee
Bethany Rotary Club
Beverly Koehler Bookkeeping & Tax Service - Jackson
Bill Dunham Agency - Wentzville
Blanton, Rice, Sidwell, Nickell, Cozean, & Collins, LLC - Sikeston
Bloomfield Public Schools
Blue Ridge Bank and Trust Company - Independence
Blue Springs Elks Lodge 2509
The Boeing Company - St. Louis
Boonslick Kiwanis Club - Columbia
Boonville Kiwanis Club
Boonville Lions Club
Boonville Rotary Club
Boyer Lumber Inc. - Potosi
Briscoe, Rodenbaugh & Brannon - New London
Brookfield Elks Lodge 874
Brookfield Lions Club
Brookfield Rotary Club
Buckhorn Carpet - Waynesville
Bucklin Fox Hunters Association
Bunceton Lions Club
Burns, Taylor, Heckemeyer & Green, LLC - Sikeston
Butler Lions Club
Butler Rotary Club
C & Z Auto - Salem
C.Z. Boyer & Son, Inc. Funeral Homes - Leadwood
Cairo-Jacksonville Lions Club
Caldwell County Title Co. - Hamilton
Cameron Chamber of Commerce
Cameron Rotary Club
Canton Kiwanis Club
Capaha Bank - Cape Girardeau
Cape Fair Eagles Lodge 4278
Cape Girardeau Elks Lodge 639
Cape Girardeau Evening Optimist Club
Cape Girardeau Kiwanis Club
Cape Girardeau Rotary Club
Carl Junction Area Chamber of Commerce
Car-Tunes - St. Robert
Caruthersville Kiwanis Club
Caruthersville Rotary Club
Caseys General Stores - Sarcoxie
Caskey Law - Alton
Cass County Elks Lodge #2791 - Harrisonville
Centerville PTO
Central Bank - Jefferson City
Central Bank - Lebanon
Central Missouri Community Credit Union - Warrensburg
Centralia Kiwanis Club
Centralia Optimist Club
Centralia Rotary Club
Chapel Hill Mortuary, Inc. - Cedar Hill
Chariton Valley Telephone Corp. - Bucklin
Charleston Lions Club
Charleston Masonic Lodge
Chillicothe Kiwanis Club
Chillicothe State Bank
Christian Brothers College High School - St. Louis
Citizens Bank of Rogersville
Citizens National Bank - Maplewood
Citizens Union State Bank - Clinton
City of Richmond
Clinton Elks Lodge
Clinton Rotary Club
Clinton Sunrise Optimist Club
Coca Cola Bottling Co., Inc. - Jefferson City
Cole Camp Chamber of Commerce
Cole Insurance - Sikeston
Columbia Downtown Rotary Club
Columbia Eye Consultants Optometry
Columbia Northwest Rotary Club
Columbia Optimist Club
Commerce Bank - Columbia
Commerce Bank - Joplin
Commerce Bank - Springfield
Commercial Bank of Oak Grove
Community Bank of Raymore
Community First Bank - Appleton City
Cooper County High School PTO
Cooter High School
Corder Lions Club
Cosmo International Luncheon Club of Columbia
Cosmopolitan International Club of Jefferson City
Cracker Barrel - St. Robert
Crown Motors - Farmington
Cuba Veterinary Clinic
Cunningham Farms, Inc. - Craig
Cusick Family Foundation
Custom Insurance - Crystal City
Delta C-7 Board of Education
Dent County Memorial Chapel - Salem
DeSoto High School
Dexter Elks Lodge #2439
Dexter Kiwanis Club
Dexter Lions Club
Dexter Rotary Club
Diesel Exchange, Inc. - Springfield
Die-Tech & Machine - Neosho
Disabled American Veterans #2 - Kansas City
Disabled American Veterans Chapter 17 - Jefferson City
Dixon Lions Club
Doe Run Company - Herculaneum
Don Ross Company Realtors - Alton
Drexel Hometown Pharmacy
Drexel Lions Club
Eaglehurst Ranch LLC - Steelville
East Prairie High School CTA
Ehrhardts Lebanon, Inc. - St. Robert
Eircils Jewelry (Dajef, Inc.) - Waynesville
Elks Lodge 2615 - Cameron
Everton Booster Club
Everton CTA
Everton PTSO
Excelsior Springs Kiwanis Club
Excelsior Springs Lions Club
Exchange Bank - Fayette
Exchange Bank of Mound City
Exchange National Bank - Jefferson City
F&C Bank - Lone Jack
Fair Missouri Foundation - Columbia
Fairport Lions Club
Farber Lions Club
Farmers & Commercial Bank - Holden
Farmers Bank of Lohman
Farmington Elks Lodge 1765
Farmington Kiwanis Club
Fayette Rotary Club
Fechtel Beverage and Sales Inc. - Jefferson City
Ferrell-Duncan Clinic - Springfield
Festus Knights of Columbus
First Community Bank - Clinton
First Community Bank - Knob Noster
First Community Bank - Warrensburg
First Community National Bank - Steelville
First Financial Credit Union - Jefferson City
First Missouri National Bank - Brookfield
First Missouri State Bank - Jackson
First National Bank & Trust Company - Columbia
First State Bank - St. Robert

Francis Howell North High School - St. Charles
Fraternal Order of Eagles - Clinton
Freeman Community Club
Freeman Mortuary - Jefferson City
Freistatt Lions Club
Ft. Leonard Wood Lions Club
Fulton Breakfast Optimist Club
Fulton Kiwanis Club
Fulton Rotary ClubGallatin Mens Club
Gallatin Rotary Club
Gatewood Inc. - West Plains
GKN Aerospace - St. Louis
G.L. Tucker Auto Sales
Golden Triangle Energy L.L.C. - Craig
Goodrich Gas, Inc. - St. Robert
Goth Masonry - Clinton
Grain Valley Chamber of Commerce
Grain Valley High School PTA
Grain Valley Lions Club
Grain Valley Optimist Club
Granby Lions Club
Great Western Bank - Milan
Greenfield & Company LLC - Niangua
Grimes & Fay - Columbia
Grovespring Lions Club
Gum Drop Books - Bethany
H & R Block - Salem
Hale Lions Club
Halfway Lions Club
Hallsville High School
Hallsville High School PTSA
Hallsville Optimist Club
Hamilton Lions Club
Hannibal Kiwanis Club
Hannibal Lions Club
Hannibal Rotary Club
Harrisonville Kiwanis Club
Harrisonville Lions Club
Harrisonville Rotary Club
Hartville Chamber of Commerce
Hartville Lions Club
Hayti Lions Club
Hayti Rotary Club
Heartland Health - St. Joseph
Helias Council 1054 - Jefferson City
Helton Enterprises, Inc., Napa Auto Parts - St. Robert
Henry Leavenworth Chapter - Association of the United States Army (AUSA) - Leavenworth, KS
Higginsville Chamber of Commerce
Higginsville Rotary Club
Hillsboro Community Civic Club
Hillsboro Lions Club
Hilty Quarries, Inc. - Clinton
Holcomb R-3 School
Holden Optimist Club
Holman-Howe Funeral Homes - Mansfield
House Springs Lions Club
Hume Bank
Iberia Lions Club
Iberia Masonic Seven
Independence Kiwanis Club
Independent Farmers Bank - Maysville
Iron County Drug Co., Inc.
ISP Minerals Inc. - Hagerstown
J. Howard Fisk Limousines - Springfield
J.B. Smith Funeral Home - Maplewood
Jack Roach Shelter Insurance - Rolla
Jackson Animal Clinic - Platte City
Jackson Noon Optimist Club
Jackson Optimist Club
Jackson Rotary Club
James & Gahr Mortuary - Salem
Jefferson Bank of Missouri - Jefferson City
Jefferson City Elks Lodge 513
Jefferson City Optimist Club
Jim Otten Insurance Agency - Cole Camp
Jones Oil Company - Kennett
Jonesburg Area Optimist Club
Joplin Elks Club
Joplin Kiwanis Club
Kahoka Kiwanis Club
Kennett Kiwanis Club
Kennett Lions Club
Kennett Rotary Club
Kevin Ball Auto Body & Sales - Leadington
Keytesville Lions Club
Kirksville High School Student Senate
Kirksville Kiwanis Club
Kirksville Optimist Club
Kirksville Rotary Club
Kirksville Rotary Club Thousand Hills
Kiwanis Club of California
Kiwanis Club of Harvester - St. Peters
Kiwanis Club of Marshall
Kiwanis Early Bird - Hannibal
Knights of Columbus - Chillicothe Council 1084
Knights of Columbus - Sedalia Council 831
Knights of Pythias - Odessa Lodge 97
Knob Noster Optimist Club
Korean War Veterans Assoc. Ch. 2 - Kansas City
Lakeland R-III School District - Deepwater
Lamar Lions Club
Lamar Rotary Club
Lange, Paulus & Howald, Attorneys at Law - Cuba
LaPlata Lions Club
LaPlata State Bank
Law Offices of Douglas L. Carter, P.C. - Kansas City
Lawson Rotary Club
Lear & Werts, L.L.P. - Columbia
Patrick J. LeCorps, M.D. - Poplar Bluff
Lee's Summit Breakfast Optimist Club
Lee's Summit Lions Club
Lee's Summit Sunrise Rotary
Leeton High School Student Council
Leeton Lions Club
Leopold High School PTO
Leslies Service Center - Bunceton
Lexington Lions Club
Lexington Rotary Club
Liberty Lions Club
Liberty Sertoma Club
Lincoln Chamber of Commerce
Linn Lions Club
Lone Jack Civic Club
Lowe & Lowe LLC, Attorneys at Law - Waynesville
Ludlow Lions Club
Lynch's Furniture - St. Robert
Lytle Construction Inc. - Lee's Summit
Macon Lions Club
Main Street Bank - Bunceton
Mansfield Building Supply
Maries County Bank - Vienna
Marine Corps League - Private George Phillips Detachment #1214 - Ballwin
Marion C. Early High School - Morrisville
Marionville Lions Club
Marshall Knights of Columbus
Marshfield Lions Club
Marshfield Optimist Club
Marshfield Rotary Club
Marthasville Chamber of Commerce
Maryville Lions Club
McLane Transport - Poplar Bluff
McLaughlin Bros. Furniture Co. - Sedalia
Meeks Building Center - St. Robert
Metal Culverts Inc. - Jefferson City
Metro Club of Lamar
Metropolitan National Bank - Kimberling City
Mexico Kiwanis Club
Mexico Rotary Club
Miami R-I Schools - Amoret
Mid-Missouri Credit Union - Ft. Leonard Wood
Mid-Missouri Motors - St. Robert
Midway Hardware & Lumber Co. - Joplin
Midwest CompuTech Inc. - Sedalia
Midwest Laminates - Drexel
Milan Elks Lodge 2819
Milan Rotary Club
Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter 605 - Ashland
Military Order of Purple Heart - Kansas City
Millard Family Chapels, Inc. - Jefferson City
Miller Real Estate, Inc. - Waynesville
Miller-Donnelli Agency, Inc. - Platte City
Mills Feed - Alton
Missouri Association of Rural Education
Missouri Soybean Association - Jefferson City
Moberly Kiwanis Club
Mokane Lions Club
Monett Kiwanis Club
Monett Lions Club
Montgomery County Rotary Club
Montileone Development Company Inc. - Springfield
Montrose Savings Bank
Moonzy Auto Supply - Salem
Moore, Walsh & Albright, L.L.P. - Poplar Bluff
Morrisville Lions Club
Mound City Kiwanis Club
Mountain Grove Kiwanis Club
N. Pemiscot High School - Wardell
Nancy's Pawn Shop - St. Robert
Neosho Exchange Club
Neosho Kiwanis Club
Neosho Rotary Club
Nevada Rotary Club
New ERA Bank - Farmington
New Franklin Lions Club
New Franklin P.T.O.
New Frontier Bank - St. Charles
New Madrid Eagles Lodge 4206
Noranda Aluminum, Inc. - New Madrid
Norborne Lions Club
Northwest Alumni Association - House Springs
Northwest Missouri State University - Maryville
NSI - St. Louis
Nu-Way Supermarket - Winona
Oak Park Student Council - Kansas City
Odessa Lodge #446 IOOF
Odessa Rotary Club
O'Fallon Kiwanis Club
Officers and Civilians Spouses' Club - Rota, Spain
Old Aubry Barbeque - Drexel
Optimist Club of Independence
Optimist Club of Marshall
Optimist Club of North County - Florissant
Oran Jaycees
Oregon Kiwanis Club
O'Reilly Automotive - Springfield
Orscheln Management Co. - Moberly
Osage High School - Osage Beach
Osage Valley Bank - Warsaw
Osage Valley Electric Cooperative - Butler
Overseas Federation of Teachers - Rota, Spain
Ozark Booster Club Rodeo
Ozark Rotary Club
Pacific Eagles Aerie 3842
Pacific Kiwanis Club
Paris Lions Club
Parkland Enterprises, LLC - Farmington
Pastime Club of Imperial, Inc.
Patients First Healthcare - Marthasville
Peoples Bank - Steelville
Perryville Lions Club
Pettit & Pettit, PC Attorneys at Law - Aurora
Phi Delta Kappa - Iberian Chapter - Rota, Spain
Pio's Restaurant - St. Charles
Platte Valley Dental Care - Platte City
Pleasant Hill Lions Club
Poplar Bluff Federal Credit Union
Potosi Elks Lodge 2218
Prairie Home Lions Club
Prairie Home PTO
Pratt, Mitchell & Co. Inc. - Salem
Premier Bank - Jefferson City
Premier Incentives - Platte City
Professional Packaging, Inc. - Cape Girardeau
Progressive Financial Group - Salem
Progressive Ozark Bank - Hartville
Prominent Youth - Kansas City
Pulaski County Business Graphics - Waynesville
Puxico High School
Randolph Area Pachyderm Club - Moberly
Raymore Optimist Club
Richmond Kiwanis Club
Richmond Rotary Club
Rolla Breakfast Kiwanis Club
Rolla Breakfast Rotary Club
Rolla Kiwanis Club
Rolla Lions Club
Rolla Optimist Club
Rolla Rotary Club
Rotary Club of Lee's Summit
Rotary Club of Marshall
Rotary Club of Mountain View
Salem Insurance Agency
Salisbury Lions Club
Sarcoxie School District R-2
School District of Hancock Place - St. Louis
Schroeder Rotary Drilling & Pump Co. - Cole Camp
Schuyler County Rotary Club - Lancaster
Scott City Kiwanis Club
Security Bank - Waynesville
Sedalia Democrat
Sedalia Stripping
Seda's Gift Shoppe & PS Computer Repair - Waynesville
Seegar Toyota of St. Robert
Seneca High School
Seneca Service Club
Sertoma Club of Kansas City
Shadel's Colonial Chapel - Lebanon
Sherwood Community Bank - Creighton
Shoemaker Excavation - Owensville
Sikeston Elks Lodge
Sikeston Jaycees
Sikeston Kiwanis Club
Sikeston Lions Club
Sikeston Rotary Club
Simpson True Value - Alton
Sirloin Stockade - Rolla
Slater Chamber of Commerce
Slater Lions Club
Smith-Goth Engineers, Inc. - Springfield
Smithville Kiwanis Club
Sodexho Food Service - Warrensburg
Sons of AmVets Post 42 - Herculaneum
Sons of the American Legion 283 - Imperial
Sons of the American Legion 642 - Sedalia
Sons of the American Legion Squad 217 - Warsaw
Sons of the American Legion Squad 226 - Elsberry
Sons of the American Legion Squad 318 - Parkville
Sons of the American Legion Squad 331 - St. Robert
Sons of the American Legion Squad 5 - Jefferson City
Sons of the American Legion Squadron 499 - Blue Springs
Southeast Missouri Hospital - Cape Girardeau
Southwest Missouri Bank - Joplin
St. Clair County State Bank - Appleton City
St. Clair Kiwanis Club
St. Francois Rotary Club
St. James Kiwanis Club
St. James Lions Club
St. Robert Glass
Stack Financial Service - Salem
Standard Democrat - Sikeston
StrategicOne, LLC – Overland Park, KS
Steele Rotary Club
Steelville High School Student Council
Steve's Service Center - Waynesville
Straatman Toyota - Washington
Sturgeon High School
Sullivan Rotary Club
Swisher Mower & Machine Co. - Warrensburg
Taylor Trucking - Edgar Springs
The Hutchens Mortuary - Florissant
The Independent-Journal, Inc. - Potosi
The Pachyderm Foundation - Columbia
The Rattler - Shell Knob
Touchwood, Inc. - St. Louis
Town & Country Bank of Bourbon
Town and Country Supermarket - Salem
Twin City Area Chamber of Commerce - Festus
UMB Bank North Central and Bucklin - Brookfield
UMB Bank, NA - Warrensburg
Union Bank - Kansas City
Union Chamber of Commerce
Union Lions Club
Union Rotary Club
Unionville Rotary Club
US Bank - Farmington
US Bank - Hartville
US Bank - Perryville
Vandalia Chamber of Commerce
Vandivort Drug - Salem
Verona Lions
Versailles Lions Club
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 534 - Joplin
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1003 - Jefferson City
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2914 - Glasgow
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3118 - Pleasant Hill
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3127 - Chaffee
Veterans of Fooreign Wars Post 3135 - Hartville
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3174 - Sikeston
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3838 - Cape Girardeau
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3944 - St. Ann Memorial - Overland
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4043 - Liberty
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4288 - Corder
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4347 - Drexel
Veterans of Foreign Wars 4398 - Richmond
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4839 - Oregon
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4926 - Keytesville
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5329 - Albany
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5364 - Maysville
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7183 - New Madrid County Memorial - Lilbourn
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10495 - Jackson
Vienna Veterinary Clinic
Wallace and Owens Store - Alton
Wal-Mart #19 - Poplar Bluff
Wal-Mart #79 - Joplin
Wal-Mart #573 - Lee's Summit
Wal-Mart #609 - Hannibal
Wal-Mart #648 - St. Peters
Wal-Mart #805 - Fenton
Wal-Mart #1014 - Independence
Wal-Mart #1161 - St. Charles
Wal-Mart #1188 - St. Ann
Wal-Mart #2616 - O'Fallon
Wal-Mart #2694 - Kirkwood
Wal-Mart #2856 - Oak Grove
Wal-Mart #5150 - Maplewood
Walsworth Publishing Company - Marceline
Warrensburg Elks Lodge
Warrensburg Kiwanis Club
Warrensburg Lions Club
Warrensburg Rotary Club
Washington Area Chamber of Commerce
Washington Optimist Club
WEB & Sons, Inc. - Sedalia
Webster Groves Lions Club
West Brothers Chrysler, Inc.
West Brothers Ford, Inc.
West Plains Bank & Trust Company
West Plains Car Club
West Plains Lions Club
West Plains Optimist Club
West Plains Rotary Club
West Plains Sunrise Rotary
Weston Jaycees
Weston Lions Club
Weston Rotary International
Wilcox Truck Lines, Inc. - Springfield
Williams-Keepers LLC - Jefferson City
Willard Lions Club
Willow Springs Lions Club
Willow Springs Rotary Club
Wilson-Grand Communications - Alexandria, VA
Wine Ventures, LLC - Poplar Bluff
W-K Chevrolet - Cole Camp
W-K Chevrolet - Sedalia

2007 Directors Sponsorship Fund
(As of August 21, 2007)

John Baier
Paul and Robin Barber
Mary and Fred Becvar
Steven and Candice Brazil
Jim and Brenda Christ
Victor and Kimberly Clark
Michelle and Danny Copeland
Mary Beth and James Conway
Susan Craft
Sean and Peggy Devoy
Thomas and Patricia Doherty
Doris and Everett Evans
David D. Fagan - Fagan Photography
Karen and Kevin Fete - K & K Cleaning Service
Clifford and Darlene Gehrke
Efrem and Kathy Gutteridge
Marsha and Denny Hayes
Timothy and Brenda Hinken
Joyce Hoefer
Michael and Becky Honey
M'Liss Hudson
Lent Johnson and Sandra Ahlum
Gail and Nancy Jones
Wesley and Ann Kinsey
Sherri and Jeff Kuhn
Richard Lehman and Michele Koo
Bill and Lesley LePage

Alan Schneider and Judy Lohrer
Charles and Janice Miller
Karen Wolfe-Miller and Jerry Miller - Miller Wolfe Enterprises Inc.
Michael and Theresa Murphy
Brian and Marsha Neel
Thomas and Deborah Nesselhauf
Allen and Maureen Nickols
Peach Orchard Gin Co., Inc.
Mark and Ann Pearce
Gary and Mary Pieper
Gary and Lisa Powell
Michael and Nancy Ranger
Wade and Aylesa Rapp
Rob and Debbie Schaaf
Jeffrey and Patricia Schlette
Gail and Michael Severance
James and Sheri Spellman
Edward and Leisa Spiker - The Optical Shop, Inc.
Josh and Jeanne Starkey
Gene and Gail Tinsley
William and Jacqueline Towers
Larry and Mona Tyrl
Julie and Richard Burchett
Deborah White
Belinda and Robert Wilkerson
Tom and Jane Wilkes
Shenghua Zhu and Guoping Ji

2007 Alumni Fund
(As of September 7, 2007)

Neal Elliott
Ryan Hendrickson
Jim Hubbard
Andrew Johnson
William R. and Carol Jones
Jack Laskowitz
Keith Maib
Michael McTeer

Arvind Miriyala
Nick Morton
Patrick and Michelle O'Neal
Mike Plunkett
Corey Schneider
Joe E. Snodgrass, MD
Justin Stephan
Mike Stewart

2007 Citizens Honor Fund
(As of October 30, 2007)

Kim Wood and Anthony Arevalos in Honor of Christopher Arevalos
Joe and Billie Arthur in Honor of Chad Day
Childress Farms - Gene and Peggy Childress in Honor of Jared Childress
Dalio Foundation in Honor of Parag Shah
Arthur and Kelly Freeland in Honor of Lucas Freeland
Homer L. Harvey Truck Line - Homer and Deana Harvey, Jr. in Honor of Nick Harvey

James and Karen Hendrickson in Honor of Ryan Hendrickson
Hurst Greenery - Julie Hurst in Honor of Ben Hurst
Kelsey Farms - William J. Kelsey in Honor of Mark Kelsey
Nancy and Terry Prott in Honor of Cory Prott
Timothy and Lisa Rabbitt in Honor of David Rabbitt
Julia and Thomas Stanley in Honor of Raymond Stanley
Wal-Mart Foundation in Honor of Brandon Eldridge

2007 Friends of MBS Fund
(As of September 7, 2007)

Paul Bennett
Carl V. Bible
Ralph Biele
Robert R. and Joyce E. Bonar
Thomas R. Burcham III, LLC
Ray and Lisa Corbitt
Jim Dawson
Archie D. Fruits
Clifford W. "Jack" Gannon Trust
Ruby E. Holesapple
Bruce I. and Jeanne A. Holloway
Horst Boys State Scholarship
Rexford P. Hoyt
Chris Hughes

Craig and Shelly Kozicki
Jerry D. and Donna K. Lay
Scott Matthews
Col. B. Parker and Elizabeth Miller
Newburg Teachers
Jerry L. and Sharon Noland
Dennis Phelps
David Schafer
Howard Spiva
Sonny Stewart Memorial Fund
Kenneth L. and Mary J. Tucker
John W. and Cynthia Weant
W. David Wells
Joe Woodcock

2007 Memorials & Honorariums
(As of October 30, 2007)

Mary Arvan and Family in Memory of Dick King
Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin in Memory of Dick King
Blue Hills American Legion Post 469 in Memory of Chuck Richardson
John and Janet Borron in Memory of Dick King
Ann C. Byers in Memory of Chuck Richardson
Joanne and Gene Cable in Memory of Dick King
Flora Clements in Memory of Dick King
Cochran, Oswald & Roam, LLC in Memory of Dick King
Catherine and Garry Daniels and Virginia McLeod in Memory of Dick King
Christine K. Durbin in Memory of Dick King
Elton and Nancy Fay in Memory of Dick King
Mary Lee Froman-Ellis in Memory of Dick King
Randy and Carla Gray in Memory of Dick King
Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, P.C. in Memory of Dick King
Independence Regional Health Center in Memory of Dick King
International Association of Fire Fighters of Kansas City - Local No. 42 in Memory of Dick King
William and Carol Jones in Memory of Dick King
William and Carol Jones in Memory of Rob Hicklin
Sealey Lamm, Jr. in Memory of Chuck Richardson
Robert Leitstein in Memory of Dick King
Mary Rose and Tom Lowman in Memory of Chuck Richardson
McCormack Baron Salazar, Inc. in Memory of Dick King
William and Dorothy McDonald in Memory of Dick King
Metcalf Bank - Overland Park, KS in Memory of Chuck Richardson
Missouri Economic Development Financing Association in Memory of Dick King
Dennis and Alice Mitchell in Memory of Dick King
Peckham Guyton Albers & Viets, Inc. in Memory of Dick King
Power Promotions and Printing - Bob Hill in Memory of Chuck Richardson
Shirley Quigg in Memory of William W. Quigg
Terry Raney and Laura Snipes in Memory of Dick King
Bruce and Judith Robbins in Memory of Chuck Richardson
David L. Roberts in Memory of Dick King
Edward (Bob) and Charlotte Ronan in Memory of Dick King
Bobby and Kathleen Sailors in Memory of Dick King
Sanford and Maureen Salz in Memory of Dick King
Shamrock Cabinet & Fixture Corporation in Memory of Dick King
James R. Shetlar Law Offices, P.A. in Memory of Dick King
Southern Communities Coalition in Memory of Dick King
Mike and Laura Stewart in Memory of Dick King
Steven P. Thurmon in Memory of Dick King
Ann and George B. Van Dyne in Memory of Chuck Richardson
James and Jana Waits in Memory of Dick King
Keith and Susan Washburn in Memory of Chuck Richardson
Alan and Carol Weatherford in Memory of Dick King
James and Kathyrn Whitfield in Memory of Chuck Richardson
James and Kathryn Whitfield in Memory of Dick King
JD and Sharon Williams in Memory of Dick King
B.G. Wolfe, Jr. C.P.A. - Daniel, Schell, Wolfe and Associates, P.C. in Memory of Dick King


2007 Special Acknowledgements
(As of August 31, 2007)

Central Missouri State University - Warrensburg, MO
LEE Enterprises - Frontenac, KS

Heroes Restaurant and Pub - Warrensburg, MO

The American Legion Department of Missouri

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