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"It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience I'll never forget."

-- Dalton Hendren '12
Nevada, MO

Recommended Nomination Process

You, as the high school counselor or the individual designated by the high school as the primary contact, have the vital role of identifying and nominating the most qualified students to participate in Missouri Boys State.  It is very important to the success of the students and the program that you nominate students who meet the eligibility criteria, are dedicated to the program, and will follow through on their commitment to participate in the entire eight-day session.

Only students with outstanding qualities of leadership, citizenship, character, scholarship, and service to their high schools and communities should be considered for Missouri Boys State.  Many alums have shared that Missouri Boys State was one, if not the most, influential and unique experiences in which they have participated.  It is - A Week to Shape a Lifetime!

Highlights of Changes to Application and Submission Processes for the 2022 Session

  • Student does not print or submit application to the high school.
  • Student acknowledges his interest, intent, and commitment to participate by submitting a completed online application.
  • Parent does not sign application.
  • Principal does not sign application but continues to endorse/approve the students to be nominated.
  • Paper application is not submitted.
  • List of nominees can be printed from the high school portal on the Missouri Boys State website by the counselor/contact, if requested, and submitted to a sponsoring organization, local American Legion Post or Missouri Boys State District Chair for funding consideration.
  • Funds from sponsors are mailed to the Missouri Boys State Headquarters including the name of the student, if designated.

Recommended Nomination Process:










Getting Started

  • Review your high school nomination process with the principal/designated administrator and establish that only the nominees presented by the high school counselor/contact should be considered for nomination.
  • All students accepted to participate must be nominated through the process established by his high school.
  • Form a committee of administrators, counselors, teachers, and former Boys State citizens.
  • Organizations and individuals outside the high school should not be allowed to influence the nomination process.


Number of Nominees to Submit

  • There is not an assigned number of nominees that may be submitted by your high school.
  • The total number of nominees should be representative of your outstanding student leaders.
  • A local American Legion Post may designate a set number based on the funding they have available but a high school is not limited to submitting that number.
  • Nominees from your high school will be accepted as funds are secured or if a nominee selected to attend cannot participate. 

Identify Potential Nominees

  • Publicize opportunity - high school announcements, website, social media, bulletin board, Informational Flyer.
  • Review lists of student leaders (i.e., honor society, student council, class officers, clubs, athletic teams, JROTC, community organization - 4-H, Boy Scouts).
  • Consider all eligible young men in the current junior class who meet the Boys State criteria.
  • Prepare a list of nominees and determine their interest and commitment to participate in the program. 

Share Information with Potential Nominees


  • 2022 Online Application
  • MUST be completed each student.
  • Applications are electronically transmitted to the high school portal.
  • Paper applications are not required or accepted for the 2022 session.


Utilize the portal link emailed to you by the Missouri Boys State Headquarters to:

  • Access your high school portal on the Missouri Boys State website (you may return at any time).
  • Review the information provided by each student on his completed online application.
  • Officially submit the student as a nominee.
  • Check the status of nominated students.
  • Download a list of nominated students which includes the information contained on their applications by clicking the "print list" link.
  • Return to the portal to review additional completed applications and consider for nomination.
  • Nominations are immediately electronically transferred to the Missouri Boys State Headquarters.


  • Nominations must be completed in the high school portal by March 1, 2022, unless otherwsie noted.
  • Early nomination is encouraged and provides additional time to identify sponsors and for your students to make a commitment to attend well in advance.
  • Print a copy of the list of nominees from the high school portal, if requested by a sponsor, local American Legion Post, or Missouri Boys State District Chair for funding consideration.
  • Maintain the list the nominees for your records.


  • Only students nominated by the high school through the high school portal on the Missouri Boys State website will be considered and accepted.
  • Each nominee must have the program fee paid by a sponsor(s) prior to being accepted.
  • The Missouri Boys State District Chair determines which young men should participate in the program. The District Chair will forward the names of the young men of selected and all remaining nominees to the Missouri Boys State Headquarters for final processing.
  • Please do not announce or publish the list of nominees until you receive an email notification. You will be notified by email when a nominee is accepted. You may also verify acceptance by accessing the information through the high school portal or contact the Missouri Boys State Headquarters.

Sponsorship Information – Program Fee

  • A sponsorship covers the $500 Program Fee per student (plus a transportation fee* in Counties providing a bus).
  • Sponsorship is generally paid by one or more sponsors such as:  an American Legion Post, a civic or service organization, business, high school, PTO/PTA, student organization or individual (not related to the participant).
  • If you have a sponsorship check(s) for a student(s):
  • Write the name of the sponsor(s) and the amount next to the student’s information on the downloaded list of nominees. Then mail the check(s) and the list to the Missouri Boys State Headquarters (P.O. BOX 667, Warrensburg, MO 64093).
  • Contact the Missouri Boys State Headquarters or your Missouri Boys State District Chair if you do not have sponsorships for your students.


Counties with Transportation Fees


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