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"Missouri Boys State was a pivotal part of my youth. I learned so much about myself and others, as well as government and democracy, during my week in Warrensburg. It makes you more fully appreciate this incredible country in which we live, and this experiment we call democracy. I firmly believe it is an experience not to be missed."

-- Leonard Kent Martin '70
Kansas City, MO

Schools of Instruction

Citizens learn new skills at Missouri Boys State

All citizens will participate in specialized courses of instruction during their week at Missouri Boys State. They may choose to attend one of the following schools of instruction: Legislative, Law Enforcement, Law, Journalism, Public Administration, and Campaigning & Political Operations. The staff of each School of Instruction is comprised of "real-life" professionals in their respective fields. As the week progresses, citizens use this specialized instruction to enact and enforce their own municipal, county, and state government at Missouri Boys State. Citizens also have the opportunity to earn college credit from the Univeristy of Central Missouri for their studies after successfully participating in the program and passing a rigorous examination at its completion.

Government Executive and Campaigning School

Campaigning and Political Operations
The School of Campaigning and Political Operations teaches campaigning strategies, how to use the media as a persuasive tool, how to deliver interesting and convincing speeches, and how to create positive perceptions for the general public. This school is also in charge of analyzing the Public Opinion Poll, which identifies the issues important to MBS citizens. The school is designed for political party leaders, candidates seeking statewide office, campaign managers, and anyone else interested in learning more about how to succesfully navigate the political process.


Law Enforcement School

Law Enforcement
This school gives citizens a look at the day-to-day activities of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The school is taught by members of the Patrol, which has had a longtime affiliation with Boys State. Topics covered will include various aspects of crime prevention and the responsibilities of a law enforcement official. Citizens will be trained in arrest and trail procedures, which they will apply when elected or appointed to law enforcement positions at Boys State. They also will be updated on the latest and most effective methods of police work used by the Highway Patrol.


Law School

The School of Law is designed like a regular law school, teaching basic trial procedure, criminal law, legal pleadings, and civil actions. Any aspiring lawyer or judge must attend this school and citizens are even required to pass a Bar Exam before being able to practice law, just like in the real world. The citizens who attend this school eventually run the Boys State Court System.




Legislative School

The Legislative School is for citizens elected to the Missouri Boys state legislature or those who want to learn how the legislative system works, at the city and state level. Any member of the Senate or House of Representatives is required to attend this school in order to have he knowledge to succeed in legislation. They also learn the procedures and processes going into passing a bill, including Parliamentary Procedure.




Media School

Perhaps the most diverse of the Schools of Instruction is the Journalism School. In courses led by a Visiting Assistant Professor from Harvard University, citizens learn about ethics, the role of the media in politics and the basic process that go into reporting news. Citizens then split into three different media: newspaper, radio, and T.V., where they get hands-on training in the various fields by creating daily papers and broadcasts in real, authentic studios.

Democracy Academy

Public Administration
The School of Public Administration combines aspects from each of the other Schools of Instruction to give an overview of how democracy works together at the municipal level. All Mayors and City Councilmen are required to attend the Public Administration School to get a wide range of knowledge to help run their city and lead them to win the coveted Model City award at the end of the week. They learn these concepts by analyzing real-life community scenarios and watching how different governmental agencies work on these scenarios.







Did you know...
Each of the schools of instruction are taught by true professionals in their area who volunteer to work with Missouri's brightest young men.



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