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"This program helped me be the person I am today, and I am so appreciative!"

-- Gerald Lamar Turner, II '09
Grandview, MO



APRIL 2021

We have recently contacted our high school partners, students their student, parents, and our sponsors, regarding the status of our 81st Session:  June 12-19.  Due to COVID-19, we are limited on the size of our program – roughly half the size of a normal year.

Even as the United States continues vaccinating against COVID-19, this virus continues to play a critical role in our everyday lives.  The Executive Committee of The American Legion Missouri Boys State has continued to re-evaluate the status of our 2021 program.  While we are planning to provide Missouri’s young leaders with a once-in-a-lifetime experience in this coming June, we are first and foremost committed to ensuring the safety of all our staff and participants in consultation with our host university’s administrators and staff to ensure CDC, state, and county guidelines are followed.

We received over a thousand nominations to participate in the 2021 from high schools across the state. It is an honor to be recognized as an outstanding student leader by your high school.  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer everyone one an opportunity to participate in this year’s session.  A majority of applicants from the Class of 2022 (Juniors) have been deferred to our 2022 session.   However, some from this class have been accepted as we make every attempt to have as many Missouri high schools represented each year. 

Those who applied and were accepted to the 2021 Session, which was cancelled last year, and who confirmed this past March, their continued interest in attending this Summer, have been accepted to #MBS2021. We look forward to seeing you on June 12th!   

We had to make very difficult decisions on who we could accept to attend this summer – we want everyone to have the opportunity to attend a Missouri Boys State session, either this year, or next year.  If you have been deferred, please know we are excited to have you join us next summer (June 11-19, 2022).  We expect to hold an outstanding Missouri Boys State program in 2022 and we plan to stay in touch with you throughout the coming year. So please keep the 2022 session on your calendar and get ready for your once in a lifetime Boys State experience.

To those students attending this summer, all Boys State citizens will be required to exhibit leadership skills and character and follow established protocols and regulations to ensure the health and safety of themselves and their fellow citizens. Our volunteer staff will be doing the same. A current list of our COVID-19 protocols, which continue to evolve, may be found here.

We appreciate the support we’ve received from schools, parents, sponsors and students during this difficult time. We are committed to a safe and productive environment for this outstanding educational experience. 
We hope you and your family are happy and healthy.

The Staff of The American Legion Boys State of Missouri


2021 COVID-19 Protocols




The American Legion Department of Missouri

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