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"MBS was a great experience. I learned a lot about government and met a lot of friends who I will hopefully keep for a lifetime."

-- Kent Thomas Buxton '04
Cape Girardeau, MO

Missouri Boys State in Action - 2013 Political Platforms

Citizens discuss their party's paltform.

The citizens of Missouri Boys State are divided into two political parties, the "Federalists" and the "Nationalists." These titles have no real political connotation. Citizens are assigned to political parties randomly. Political parties afford the opportunity for collective thinking and sincere cooperation in analyzing problems that affect citizens as a whole. Political parties develop platforms which define party aims and ideals. In Boys State each party develops their own platform at the ward, city, county, and state level. These platforms often include positions on both real world and Boys State issues that party members feel are in the interest of Boys State citizens.



     Nationalist Party Platform

Income Tax Reform
The Nationalist Party at Boys State requests from its constituents a tax reform. We have a block progressive system. This has been tailored to Boys State:

  • If you make $0-$24 youll pa will pay $0 in taxes.

  • If you make $25-$49 you wiy 10% in taxes.

  • If you make $50-$99 you will pay 12% in taxes.

  • If you make $100-$199 you will pay 14% in taxes.

Every $100 jump in taxes will have a 2% increase. This is still lower than the United States of America’s tax code. We are 17% cheaper for business owners than real life tax codes.

Victimless Crimes Law Enforcement Reforms
If a law has no victims, the Nationalist Party will not support it. In no way does this detract from Law Enforcement. They will still be busy. This seeks to block any silly ordinance or legislation for the sake of revenue. If they promise low taxes don’t allow them to make up the difference with heavy fines.

Continuation of Immigration
The 2013 Boys State is honored to host representatives from China. There are many things we can learn from each other and already have. The stance we intend to take is to increase the amount of foreign students not just from China but other nations as well. Maybe someday we may send students to their programs. We seek to continue that.

Water Treatment Reform
We need larger cups at Boys State, not Dixie® Cups. They are there. Counselors love them. Hydration is so key when keeping up with the schedule of Boys State. It is also the beginning of summer and very hot, water is crucial. On top of larger cups we need water coolers outside. It is a matter of public health.

Under the Nationalist Party, business will not be taxed. Income only. Money that an owner keeps for himself will be taxed, not money that goes straight into advancement.


      Federalist Party Platform


Firm Equal Driven


  • Light tax rate on small business (5%).

  • GSO will have a set fair price on goods. The price will set for ALL citizens; no benefits for people of a specific city or party.

  • No additional tariffs on businesses that wish to move to a different city.

City Laws

  • Laws must be posted in city entrances and city meeting places.

    • For the first law not posted a fee of $100, and $25 for each additional law.

  • Recycling – Cities must have two recycle centers per city.

  • Reasonable laws put into place (keeping in the enjoyment though) passed.


  • Welfare recipients will need a petition signed by four businessmen proving that they are seeking employment.

    • 5% of the 5% tax on businesses will be invested into welfare (this will ensure that those who wish to have a great time at Boys State are given the right).

Foreign Policy

  • Ambassador Project – sending one citizen per party per city to other city meetings to sit in. Free trade agreement amongst cities.

Urban Renewal

  • City Beautification Committees – appointed by mayor.

Respect Clause

  • No tolerance on bullying or disrespect to anyone of any position on state lands.

  • No tolerance on stealing personal items.

Small Government

  • Cities have power to enforce laws within their city.

  • Less federal law enforced onto cities.


  • Study groups.

  • Have designated study periods.



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