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West Plains, MO

    Day to Day Activities - Sunday, June 16, 2013

Evening Colors

And They’re Off!!

Sunday began bright and early for Missouri Boys State with Highway Patrol applications due, daily city clean-up, all before breakfast. The citizens realized the necessity of every minute to contribute to the establishment of government. City Party Caucuses were held to select candidates for city wide offices, including Mayor, Senators, and Representatives.

Worship services were held and followed by City Political Rallies and lunch. After lunch, city elections were held and a special assembly for all citizens to detail "Roberts Rules of Order" and parliamentary procedures.

City election results were announced and the newly elected officials made appointments. Cities throughout Boys State began coming together as the governmental positions were now filled.

Citizens reached the point of the week where they decided on a School of Instruction to attend that would pertain to their careers during the week. The Schools of Instruction consist of Campaigning and Political Operations, Law Enforcement, Law, Legislative, Journalism, and Public Administration.

Kansas City Mayor Sly James and Evening Events

Citizens gathered for their evening assembly to witness their newly elected Mayors sworn in by Kansas City Mayor Sly James. Mayor Sly James was the speaker for the evening and would begin his address with a few small jokes to relax the citizens. He would speak about many topics that he felt pertain to what it means to be a leader with the importance of being unique as a repeating term. Being unique was about the citizens being the individuals they are and not falling in line with what others expected them to be. Unique people bring innovative ideas and different perspectives that are often the key contributors to finding solutions according to Sly James. Another point he made was a positive spin on the saying "good for nothing."

He said, "I want you to be good for nothing; and by saying that, I mean I want you to be good, for nothing. It is not honorable to do good deeds with the expectation of a reward in the end."

He would conclude his speech stressing the importance of being selfless and doing what is best for people while not forgetting to be selfish by staying true to who you are.

Adam Brooks Burnam

Alcorn City

Zachary Lanham

Blair City

Chase Andrew Pitchford

Boone City

Zachary Sethman Smith

Carnahan City

John Charles Rhea

Carver City

Brance D. Neal

Clark City

Kaz Woodward

Crowder City

James Andrew Phillips

Doniphan City

Jordan O'Grady Snyder

Duggan City

Ulises Rojas

Gambrel City

Heath Caden Snider

Ingle City

John Alexander Bantle

Lewis City

Tristan Robert Moncier

Pershing City

John David Blevins

Richardson City

Garrett William Knese

Weyer City

Austin Parker Bryant

Whitfield City

The second day completed its schedule with meetings of Highway Patrol, media, State Parties, and many other essential aspects to establishing government. City meetings being a part of the establishment of government, citizens met to discuss current development and improvements needed as they sought the prestigious award of Model City.

Citizens would prepare for bed with full comprehension of that vastness of opportunity they had in the days to come. As many would begin to notice the leader within them coming to the surface and that all things were within their grasps.

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Missouri Boys State has six different schools of instruction that the citizens will have to decide which to attend. See more about these schools and the professional volunteers that instruct them. [more]



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