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"I extremely enjoyed my time at Missouri Boys State. I will recommend it to anyone."

-- Patrick Logan Murray '14
Jefferson City, MO

   Day to Day Activities - Monday, June 17, 2013

On the Road to Full Function

Monday began with the schools of instruction in full swing as the citizens would meet for two hours in the morning and two hours later that afternoon. The cities began to be fully functional as city wide offices were filled and county office elections were approaching. Citizens would have meetings of the Senate, House of Representatives, Lobbyist, and other groups. They began creating laws, driving harder campaigns, and the media began creating reports on the daily events.

Following lunch there would be County Party meetings to create political platforms and vote on candidacies for county offices.

Another competitive aspect for the citizens would begin as they competed against one another in athletics. The athletics portion of Boys State would allow the cities to have another opportunity to compete for Model City points. Through athletics the cities would understand the importance of sportsmanship as points would be deducted for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Pershing would end the day in third place, Crowder would battle to second, and Ingle prevailed as the champions. Though as all sports fans know, anything can happen with four more days of competition to go. Scores and additional rankings can be found on the MBS Athletics page.

Missouri State Treasurer Clint Zweifel

Immediately after dinner the citizens would head to Hendricks Hall for Supreme Court Nominee interviews and an address by Missouri State Treasurer Clint Zweifel. Zweifel would tell the boys about his successes and the importance of investing in others. The citizens would see through one of his stories of a man losing his business that success is not just climbing higher, but taking the steps after failure to rebuild what you had. Zweifel led into this story with telling the citizens that, "We have to work with the same sense of urgency and energy that we see Missourians do every day."

Capping off the Day and Looking Onward

The evening would be filled with workshop opportunities and planning meetings to ensure the schedule and process for the state wide elections. Citizens were offered a speech workshop for those who wished to hone their speaking skills.

As important as statewide elections were though, the cities would fill with different vibe on Monday evening. County Party Rallies were held where candidates for County offices would deliver speeches and campaign to their county in attempt to obtain a county wide office.

Cities would end the day with their routine final meetings. Counselors began to notice citizens speaking more openly than at the beginning of the week. The citizens would express ideas and theories in an effort to progress their cities as they begin establishing numerous local businesses and parks. Many citizens would head to bed after their meetings knowing that the state elections were on the horizon. The preparation would be more than personal speaking skills; it would be the gathering of support, campaigning, and strategic planning.

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Did you know...

James Carville was the 24th Annual George W. Lehr Memorial Chair speaker. The Chair recognition was created to honor late Missouri State Auditor George W. Lehr, who was a Boys State participant in his youth and a tireless supporter of Missouri Boys State.



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