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"MBS was the greatest experience of my life. I want to thank each and every one of the staff members for giving me a memory that will never be forgotten."

-- Dominic Devonate Jones '11
Waynesville, MO

Day to Day Activities - Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Swearing In
Early Day Events

The events of the morning would primarily focus on the deadline for the citizens to file their petitions for state offices. The city areas would hold county elections prior to the schools of instruction. Many of the citizens would have the opportunity to campaign in front of roughly 500 individuals in their effort to gain state party candidacies. A crowd that size would be the largest many of them had ever had the opportunity to speak in front of. State Party Caucuses would form and the state office candidates would speak to their entire state political parties.

After lunch was over, county elections would be announced, City Councils would meet and there would be a presentation of the city budget. Following these events, a special assembly would be held. The governor would announce Supreme Court selections while the County officials meet to discuss current governmental status.

Journalist and Author Bob Woodward

Appointed officials of each county would be chosen before the citizens assembled for a special program in Hendricks Hall that evening. The speaker would be The American Legion Boys State of Missouri's 25th Annual George W. Lehr Chair speaker Bob Woodward. Bob Woodward, journalist and author, would share many stories with the young men of Missouri Boys State. His stories would range from experiences during the Watergate scandal to recent events of NSA email leaks. Throughout his speech he would weave touches of humor to cause laughter among the citizens to underlying lessons to learn from them. Among the lessons Woodward would encourage the knowledge of being able to differentiate when to share information and to deliver it to the proper authorities. With this lesson he would say that it is hard to get it right the moment when it is happening, but sometimes you just have to try. The citizens would walk away knowing that though they may not get things right, but they would understand that they would have to try.


To bring the day to an end, officials across the state would meet while the cities would be flooded with campaigning. The primary election would be the next morning and citizens seeking candidacy would not waste a second in their efforts to earn their party's votes. With the cities buzzing with businesses and city park construction, the day would inevitably come to an end with the city meetings. The citizens would head to bed filled with wonder of who would be their candidates for state wide offices. Would it be a citizen of their city? Of their county? The citizens would soon decide as they head to the State Primary Election in the early morning.

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Every year Missouri Boys State honors one distinguished speaker as the George W. Lehr Memorial Speakers Chair. See the full list of previous recipients of this honor. [more] 



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