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"I feel that Boys State gave me a new sense of confidence and the chance to interact with the best of the youth in the State of Missouri."

-- Gregory Jackson '04
Boonville, MO

Day to Day Activities - Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Onward to a Big Day

Wednesday began with the State Primary Election following the citizens' general clean-up and breakfast. Boys State would have sense of anticipation across the state as everyone waited to discover who the state party candidates were. The day would be occupied by Governmental activities, a Mayors Conference, and Schools of Instruction before the results would be announced. Once announced the candidates would meet for pictures and briefing over what was to come. Boys State would come alive as businesses ran overtime, citizens showed off their cities, and that state was flooded by campaigning from the candidates. A Gubernatorial Debate would be held between the governor candidates to discuss the hot topics of the state and allow the citizens to see more of the individuals they will decide from for governor. After Supper, there would be a Joint Party Rally as every citizen would hear speeches from the state office candidates.

Gubernatorial Debate

In the Gubernatorial debate the Governor candidates from each party would be introduced by their respective State Party Chairman. Media officials would supply questions for the candidates to answer. The questions would touch on topics such as; health, welfare, budgets, bankruptcies, political platforms, and ethical situations.

Campaigns All Around

Wednesday would conclude with the Joint Party Rally, City Organization and Meetings, and Statewide Campaigning. Candidates of both parties would speak to the entire Boys State as they fought for the citizens votes. Once the rally was over the cities would organize for all businesses to run, parks to be open, and mayors to give tours. Lights out would come sooner than expected for the citizens. General election would come in the morning and their votes would decide the new State Officers for Missouri Boys State. The wonder of who would win the elections would run through all of their heads as they restlessly fell asleep knowing that the same time tomorrow, they would have a fully functioning statewide government.

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Did you know...
State elected officials are announced today and Missouri Boys State will have a fully functioning goverment from the city, through the county, to the state level.



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