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"My time as a citizen at MBS taught me so much more than politics or governmental process. I learned that one person can make a difference, provided that one person actually participates in the process. I learned that I do have it in me to make a difference."

-- Jason Lewton '93
Raytown, MO

Day to Day Activities - Thursday, June 20, 2013

Announcement of general election results

The Day Begins

Thursday would begin with the routine of every morning at Boys State of general clean-up and breakfast. The citizens would vote in the General Election to choose statewide offices, then attend special programs of their choice led by representatives of various career choices.

This would lead into lunch, with Governmental activities throughout the state. The Supreme Court would meet as well as the Senate, House of Representatives, and many other sections of the government.

Secretary of State Jason Kander, Photos, and State Offices

All of Boys State's citizens and staff would assemble Thursday for city, staff, and the state photo, along with other special group photos. Of course, what all of the citizens were looking forward to was the announcement of the election results. The Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander would have the honor of doing so. He would begin by delivering a short address to the citizens over the importance of courage and doing what is right. In the address he would state that, "courage means doing what's right, not what's easy." He would then proceed to announce the elected Supreme Court Justices and State offices. The results can be found in the link below.
State General Election Results

State Auditor Tom Schweich, Official Business, and Swearing In

Boys State would have a joint assembly of their State Senate and House of Representatives for the evening assembly.  The Speaker of the House would open the session for House followed by the President Pro Tempore who would open the chambers for entrance of the Supreme Court Justices and Senate.

Representatives from both the House and the Senate would escort State Auditor Tom Schweich, then the previous session's Governor. The previous session's Governor would leave Boys State with encouragement as they would return to their hometowns, reminding them that the world is not easy and to be relentless in their pursuit of success. Before State Auditor Schweich delivered his address, the joint session would pass a joint resolution for the new State Officer Elects. They would then be introduced in their entrance to the stage.


Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich would address the citizens with what he had found speaking with many successful individuals. He said that they needed to remember integrity, spirituality, flexibility, and to be realistic. Integrity was the core of long term success. Spirituality is second, and that is spirituality of life. He would continue to say that they must be flexible and realistic, understanding that they have to find something they are both good at and enjoy. Then to be flexible; set goals, but be prepared to go where the opportunities take them. The ending of his address would to help them realize that it is not bad to have some fear. State Auditor Schweich told them that they can channel fear to sharpen themselves rather than cripple them.

Additional Photos

More Photos From The Session




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Did you know...
State elected officials are announced today and Missouri Boys State will have a fully functioning goverment from the city, through the county, to the state level.



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