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"It's been one of the greatest experiences of my life."

-- Ethan Ramsey '15
Sarcoxie, MO

Day to Day Activities - Friday, June 21, 2013

A Day of Events

The citizens of Boys State woke up early and ready to go for the last full day. It would begin as usual with their general clean-up and breakfast before they headed off to their schools of instruction for final exams. Citizens would then go to lunch after Governmental activities. They would be preparing their cities with any last minute modifications for the judging by Senior Counselors for Model City and Model County.

Citizens would then have the opportunity to attend a Highway Patrol demonstration and partake in a Community Service Project. Also occurring that afternoon would be the Governor's Cup and time for free play at the Multipurpose Building on campus. They would then round up their afternoon competing in their final athletics time as they fought for the overall athletics victory.

The evening assembly began with a dedication to one of the video yearbook editors and developer Derek Stricker for his ten years of service on staff, followed by John Culp with twenty years of service. Next would be a dedication to Paul Wilson for his forty years of service on staff. He would deliver an address where he would relay his memories of the program growing and leave the citizens with the advice to stick to their commitments. Phil Britt would then be honored with the Alumnus of the Year award and encourage the boys to always strive forward.

White House Fellow and Navy Seal Commander Eric Greitens

One of Missouri Boys State's most influential alumni, Eric Greitens, would speak to the citizens on their final night. He would speak of his experiences and what has shaped him to become who he is today and how they can begin their own path to developing their purpose. The theme of his address would revolve around the idea of changing their paths by just one or two degrees, that when they went home they would not just wake up and drastically change. Steps to truly changing their character and progressing would come by taking a new path, changing direction by just a few degrees. He would tell them to challenge themselves, walk a new path, and evolve their character. Through evolving their character and walking a new path they would create their purpose. Leading into his final words Eric would stress the importance of service to others in their communities. Ending with words to reiterate that all they have to do is change their path by just a degree or two and walk a new path.

In the questioning portion following Eric's address he would tell the citizens that the aspects that make great leaders consist of two qualities. The first quality was to truly have humility, to realize that every single person around is superior in some way and that they can learn from them in some way. He would state that they must see that everyone has something to offer. The second quality would be to truly care about the people that they are leading, telling the citizens that care cannot simply be acted out as people see through each other when one does not care. Another question asked would be over how the citizens can find their purpose. Eric's answer would be that they can't find their purpose, it was never lost. They must create their purpose, challenge themselves, and create themselves.

City meetings

The final evening city meetings would be quite different from any other city meeting as the Counselors would sit down with the citizens and reflect. For many this is the time of opening up, realizing what has occurred in the week, and being aware of what has changed within themselves. City meetings on the final day would be what many remember and the reflection over the week, the groups, and the individuals would allow a clarity that truly makes Missouri Boys State "A Week to Shape a Lifetime."

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Did you know...
Friday is the last day for citizens to work as a fully functioning state with city, county, and state level elected officials.



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