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"It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience I'll never forget."

-- Dalton Hendren '12
Nevada, MO

2013 Legislative Register

Missouri Boys State ColorsBoys State, like any other real state, has a living, working legislation system, complete with its own Senate and House of Representatives, to pass real bills and amendments to the Boys State Constitution, an experience only found at Boys State. All of the citizens involved in legislation, whether it is at the city, county, or state level, attend the Legislation School of Instruction to learn the ins and outs of creating and passing new laws, and also making changes to existing ones. The citizens learn from a staff of men with first- hand experience in various legislation areas, who provided them with the knowledge and tools to properly run a working Senate and House of Representatives. Its a very unique experience that the citizens can only get here at Boys State.
*Legislation will be uploaded each day.


House Bills


Number Title Sponsor
HB1 MBS Budget Minear
HB2 Necessity of Hand Soap Bippen, et al.
HB3 Express Highway to Lunch Macomber, Rosebrough
HB4 Posting of City Ordinances Hodge, Henzler
HB5 Extention of Boys State Priddle
HB6 Early Lunch Release - Doniphan Theroff, et al.
HB7 Walking on the Grass Marmonti
HB8 Relating to Color Guard Training Bax, et al.
HB9 Optional Topless Thursday Patterson, Nault
HB10 Cell Phones at Lunch Brown, et al.
HB11 Boys State Casinos Henzler, et al.
HB12 Recreation Time Drury, et al.
HB13 Restroom Time During Meals Gray, et al.
HB14 Recycling for MBS Fincher, et al.
HB15 GSO Fees and Regulation Henry, et al.
HB16 Meal Time Schedule Drury, et al.
HB17 Lights Out Time Extended Williams, et al.
HB18 Restroom Periods Hooks, et al.
HB19 Private Banks Perkins
HB20 Public Utility Tax Hages, et al.
HB21 Small Business Tax Exemption Hale
HB22 Cell Phone Usage Rice, et al.
HB24 Designated Free Time Fowler, et al.
HB25 Anti-Discrimination Act Bippen, et al.
HB28 MBS Ambassador Hooks
HB29 Laser Pointers Pool, et al.
HB30 Meal Shifts Waggoner, et al.
HB31 Anti-Flag Theft Boeke, et al.
HB32 Changing for School Rice
HB33 Hydration & Health Upton
HB34 Athletic Time Change Sanghri, et al.
HB35 Professional Clothing Act Wright
HB37 Allow Cities to Obtain Property Perkins
HB38 Education Reform Hubbel, Patterson
HB39 City Ambassador Nault, Hubbel
HB40 No Sprinting to Quad Pobst
HB41 Appropriate Cell Phone ALlowance Happel
HB42 GSO for Every City Garvin
HB43 Legalization of Heroin Gray
HB44 Relating to Gambling Priddle, et al.
HB45 NBA Finals Cell Phone Use Bippen
HB46 Jim Whitfield Day Hooks
HB47 Free Time Clause Trout
HB48 Beverage Comm. Sale Steagall
HB49 Football Recreational Option Harrison
HB50 Business Union Protection Tellin
HB51 Boys State Bathroom Farmer
HB53 Official Food MO Boys State Akins
HB55 Football Act Rosebrough
HB56 Mankini Monday Meyer
HB57 Interest of MO Boys State James
HB58 Tool Shed Tuesday Peltz
HB59 Restrictions on Tax Cheng
HB61 Lunch Numbers Limited Crawford
HB62 Bottled Water Hurd
HB63 Legal Drinking Age Seesing
HB64 WW III Wilkerson
HB65 Missouri Pronunciation Gray
HB66 Cell Phone Usage Simoncic
HB67 Non-Athletic Competitions Koerner
HB68 Water Pitchers Goffoy
HB69 Tennis During Athletics Yousef
HB70 Saturday Party for Carver Crawford
HB71 Cell Phone Policy Black
HB72 Moving Furniture Kwok
HB73 Merging of MBS/MGS Amir
HB74 Safety Hazard Tucker
HB75 Flag Stealing Tucker
HB76 Disruptive Squirrels Sullivan
HB77 Sunset Clauses Thompson
HB78 Supplemental Budget Minear
HB79 Maximizing Petition Signatures Price
HB80 Break Period During House Horton
HB81 Stay at Home Bill Bell
HB82 Toga Tuesday Hunt
HB83 Establishment of Runners Lambay
HB84 Statewide Gummy Bear Day Gannon
HB85 Water Accessibility Gannon
HB86 MBS Store Floyd


Senate Bills









Number Title Sponsor
SB1 Imposing a Toll on the Bridge McCoy, et al.
SB2 Legislative Seating at Meals McCoy, et al.
SB3 Patent Law Singleton II, et al.
SB4 Fair GSO Prices Pashos, et al.
SB5 Flat Tax on Business Dunn, et al.
SB6 Imposing a Property Tax McCoy, et al.
SB7 Regulation of Lunch Lines Lueders, et al.
SB8 Speed Limits Rhoad, et al.
SB9 Citizen Freedom Act Newman, et al.
SB10 Soldiers Taxing Tobacco Act Hunt
SB11 Recycling Singleton (34), et al.
SB12 GSO Fees Todd, et al.
SB13 Athletic Award Fee Thomas, et al.
SB14 Lowering the Initial Income Tax Rosebrough, et al.
SB15 Tennis Cassinatis, et al.
SB16 Cellular Phones During Meals Twitchell, et al.
SB17 Water Pitchers at Meals McCoy
SB18 The Eagle Act Thomas, et al.
SB19 A Second Income Tax Nwiki, et al.
SB20 Pedestrian Travel on Grass Davis, et al.
SB21 Law Enforcement Oath Laub, et al.
SB22 Legalization of Cannabis Alsop, et al.
SB23 Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap Higginbotham, et al.
SB24 Personal Breaks Twitchell, et al.
SB25 Fair Lending Ittner, et al.
SB26 Naming the Bridge After Gene Lang Nwiki
SB27 Progressive Tax System Estes
SB28 State Deposit Insurance Act Todd, et al.
SB29 Add County to Name Badge McCoy, et al.
SB30 50/50 Raffle McCoy, et al.
SB31 Establish $50 BSB Cassimatis, et al.
SB32 Tax on Income and Privileges Walters
SB33 Establish a Boys State Reserve Davis, et al.
SB34 Prohibit Vandalism on Scenery Todd, et al.
SB35 Increase Cell Phone Privileges Luebbert, et al.
SB36 Create a State Health Dept. Hawley, et al.
SB37 Establish a State Business Tax Dunn, et al.
SB38 Regulation of Lunch Congestion Dunn, et al.
SB39 Recycling of Boys State Bucks Estes
SB40 Jim Whitfield Day Bullock, et al.
SB41 Hydration Stations Schuster, et al.
SB42 Muggle Quittage Hunt
SB43 Political Finance School Davis
SB44 Deodorant Use Leubbert, et al.
SB45 Softball to Baseball Webster, et al.
SB46 Swimming Rosenauer
SB47 Recycling Program Webster, et al.
SB48 Minimum Wage Rosenauer
SB49 County Bank Dilworth, et al.
SB50 Soccer Act Leubbert, et al.
SB51 Prohibiting Prisons Rosenauer
SB52 Prohibiting Tolls Rosenauer
SB53 Currency Denominations Pashos
SB54 City Financing Rosenauer
SB55 Prohibit Annexation Rosenauer
SB57 Fair Business Act McCoy
SB58 Deadline Notifications Burch
SB59 Official State Market Hogue
SB60 Prohibit Flag Theft Dunn, et al.
SB61 Flag Theft Punishment Act Perez
HB63 Unregulated Campaigning Rosenauer
HB64 Prohibit High Taxes Rosenauer, et al.
HB65 Sunshine Clause Rendition Act Rosenauer, et al.
HB66 Postage of City Ordinances Rosenauer, et al.
HB67 MBS County Tax Awareness Rosenauer, et al.
HB68 Competitive Supply Act McCoy, et al.
HB69 Fair Business Act McCoy, et al.
HB70 Front Line Taxation Bill Rosenauer, et al.
HB71 MBS Tax Awareness Bill Rosenauer, et al.
HB72 Third Party Addition Rosenauer, et al.
HB73 Citizen Donation Plan Rosenauer, et al.
HB74 End of Econ. Activity Act Rhoad, et al.
HB75 "Keep the Order" Plan Rosenauer, et al.
HB76 Governor Deflation Power Rosenauer, et al.
HB77 Establish PIIC Office Smith, et al.








Did you know...
The Missouri Boys State House and Senate use the actual Missouri State Constitution as their model for the passing of bills and resolutions.



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