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"My outlook on life and society has changed due to this miraculous experience. My term in the MBS House of Representatives, along with the Keynote Speakers throughout the week, taught me what it meant to be a man in today's society. The responsibility MBS instilled in our day-to-day lives gave us a sense of pride, which remains in my life today."

-- Ty Allen Rhoads '09
West Plains, MO

    Day to Day Activities - Monday, June 20th

Full Steam Ahead!

Bright and early Monday morning, Missouri Boys State came alive with the buzz of newly formed city governments. After attending Schools of Instruction, city administrators began constructing the framework of their respective cities, many citizens started their campaigns for county government positions, and still others worked to establish and grow their own businesses.

The afternoon featured county political party rallies. Along with forming local party platforms, leadership candidates within the counties began to make themselves known to potential supporters. County elections will be held Tuesday morning, and these county leaders will help shape the state level parties in just a few short days.

Evening Events

Missouri Boys State welcomed a former Major League Baseball player and coach for the Kansas City Royals, Frank White, as the keynote speaker for Monday night. He explained the challenges he overcame in his rise from a laborer to a baseball player, and later becoming a Franklin County executive. He explains that, "we must always consider ourselves leaders, because we can't lead if no one follows."

The evening was filled with county political rallies that host the candidate speeches for countywide offices. With city meetings and lights out, the citizens will face their next decision at the polls on Tuesday.

MBS Record

The citizens of Missouri Boys State publish a paper that is delivered to the citizens every morning. Copies of this paper are published here every day for your enjoyment. Today's edition is available here.

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Did you know...
In addition to almost 1,000 Citizen attendees, Missouri Boys State brings over 150 volunteers that give over a week of their time to make this session possible.



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