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"MO Boy's State was one of the best weeks in my life. It not only was a great way to learn about our government and hear public speakers, but it was also a life-changing event."

-- Dylan Noble '10
Sedalia, MO

2016 Legislative Register

Missouri Boys State ColorsBoys State, like any other real state, has a living, working legislation system, complete with its own Senate and House of Representatives, to pass real bills and amendments to the Boys State Constitution, an experience only found at Boys State. All of the citizens involved in legislation, whether it is at the city, county, or state level, attend the Legislation School of Instruction to learn the ins and outs of creating and passing new laws, and also making changes to existing ones. The citizens learn from a staff of men with first- hand experience in various legislation areas, who provided them with the knowledge and tools to properly run a working Senate and House of Representatives. It's a very unique experience that the citizens can only get here at Boys State.
*Legislation will be uploaded each day.


House Bills


Number Title Sponsor
HB1 MBS Budget Minear
HB2 Iced Beverages Maxwell
HB3 Change and Gambling Bill Belew, Fielder, Liu
HB4 Littering Amendment Sitzes
HB5 City Flag Kight, Fielder, Liu
HB6 Shower Time with Athletics Maxwell, Schneider
HB7 Amend RSMBS 114.1 Gambling Bunce, Alega, Berkshire
HB8 The Wage Act Kahrhoff, Lenox, Murphy
HB9 Amend 501.1 Health Hotson, Williams
HB10 Define Model City-County Kinnison
HB11 Lights Out Krause, Summerlin
HB12 Establish Water Coolers Wood, Alega, Bagunu
HB13 Combat Organized Crime Bagunu, Alega
HB14 Institute a Minimum Wage Parker, Jones, Cowsert, Hayden, Talkington
HB15 MBS Store Outlet Niemeyer, Dwiggins
HB16 Coffee and Hot Chocolate Alega, Berkshire
HB17 Health and Safety of MBS Citizens Chandler, Marler, Massardo
HB18 Lunch Menu Olinger, Cameron, Moulder
HB19 RSMBS 203.10 Citizen Dismissal Ruesch, Falkenhain, Hartman
HB20 Lights Out Extension Schulz, Vaughn, Owens
HB21 Adding City Maps Cameron, Kindle, Moulder
HB22 Dispersion of Party Platform Altis, Lewis, Stephens
HB23 To Create a Campus Wide High Speed Wifi Network
HB24 Establishment of Aluminum Can Recycling at MBS Krouse, Summerlin, Pool
HB25 To Have Coffee in the Morning for Breakfast Campbell
HB26 Ease of Traffic Flow Halcomb
HB27 Drink Tax Felter, Rail, Stephens
HB28 State Convicts and Voting Baumer, Hendricks
HB29 County on ID Badge Fielder, Kight, Liu
HB30 Prohibiting Music Sitzes, Phillips, Liu
HB31 Lights Out Extension Shiflett, Halcomb, Swisher
HB32 Media Alert to Citizen Status Rauth, O'Connell
HB33 To Conserve Energy Relating to Wasted Electricity Huffman, Hoston
HB34 To Add an Official Lights Out Policy to Title 1 of MBS Statutes AA Figgins
HB35 To Set Specific Lights Out Time to MBS Statutes Thomas
HB36 Amending RSMBS 301.20 Russell, Thomas
HB37 Privacy Gentry, Cullifer, Boatman
HB38 Biodiesel Pumps Trinh, Dickison, Liu
HB39 Institute an Hour of Free Time to All Citizens Pluenneke, Schneider
HB40 Relating to Dorm Supplies Anderson, Lowman, Wood, Woodall, Winder, Hendricks, Elmell
HB41 Permit for Technology Cameron, Holcomb
HB42 Regulation from Executive in need of Scruting Act Pinkston
HB43 An Act to Establish an Official Curfew Figgins, Smith
HB44 In Relation To Taxation Lowman, Anderson, Dickison, Winder, Hendricks, Smith
HB45 To add statute to the MBS Constitution Casel, Williams, Vaughn
HB46 Schedule Provision Williams, Casel, Swisher
HB47 RSMBS 114.1 Gambling Dickhut, Armes, Boatman
HB48 Create RSMBS 206 Noise Cullifer, Swisher
HB49 Amending RSMBS 301.40 Phinney, Gao
HB50 Amend RSMBS 204.60 Grass Crouse, Liberty, Weeks
HB51 Amending RSMBS 301.30 Russell, Thomas
HB52 Allowing Water Shanklin, Bagby, Pointer
HB53 Governor's City Inspections Dwigger, Travis, Talkington
HB54 Hand Soap Chandler, Au, Stephens
HB55 Bank of Boys State Armes, Bunce, Boatman
HB56 Photo ID to Ballots Rael, Seabaugh, Smith
HB57 HB 57 - Adding RSMBS 116 for a Flat Tax Abbott, Shanklin, Allgood
HB58 Limit MBS HP Representation Seabaugh, Roush, Stephens
HB59 The Elton Fey Bill McGrady, Martes, Chandler, Srinivason
HB60 Choose Atheletics Roush, Lewis, Mohabbat
HB62 Free Time Reeves, Allgood
HB63 Fair Justice for Minor Crimes Baker, Nichols, Nettler
HB64 General Conduct of Citizens Johnson, Meusch
HB65 Governor's Cup Rules Belew, Fielder, Liu
HB66 Lottery Taxes Satterfield, Korol, Arnold
HB67 Shower Time Ellison
HB68 Free Meal Bill Phinney, Tancredi, Gao
HB69 Food Prices Lenox, Clark, Trindade
HB70 RSMBS 206 Toilet Paper Rolls Crouse, Liberty, Hartman
HB71 RSMBS 116 Free Payment Liberty
HB72 Stay Off the Grass Robbins
HB73 Disrespect During Taps Nicholas, Weeks
HB74 Ban Campaigning by Polls Bagunu
HB75 Larger Variety of Food at MBS Store Woodall, Lark, Cellfer, Elwell, Hendricks
HB76 To Amend 104.10 Remove ID Baumer, Seabaugh, Hedricks
HB77 Early Warning on Committee Meetings Pruessner, Murphy
HB78 Rename Bridge To Gene Lang Kolzow, Brown
HB79 Renaming of Duggan City Schulz
HB80 Camera in Legislature Pinkston
HB81 Animal Permit Act McGrady, Marler, Massardo
HB82 To Prevent Fraud and Uphold Justice Cooner
HB83 City Secession Seabaugh, Roush, Stephens
HB84 Make Duggan a Territory Shanklin, Bagby, Srinivasan
HB85 State Tax over Period of Time Alega, Schulz, Berkshire
HB86 Music at Curfew Pinkston
HB87 Creating a State Park Niemeyer, Talkington
HB88 Lowering Drinking Age Campbell, Hotson
HB89 Water and Electric Conservation Niemeyer, Talkington


House Resolutions









Number Title Sponsor
HR1 To Revoke Section A of Rule III Badamo, Steinbeck
HR1-1 Personal Property Tax Pinkston
HR2 To Prohibit Electioneering Badamo
HR2-1 To Free Jimmy Bagunu, et al.
HR4 Inclusion of all potential citizens and staff Casel, et al.


Senate Bills









Number Title Sponsor
SB1 To Repeal RSMBS 501.10 Rauth, Benedetti
SB2 To Create RSMBS 116 Weeks, Morrison, Owens
SB3 To Create RSMBS 116.0 Winder, Elwell
SB4 To Reduce Organized Crime Steinbeck
SB5 To Improve Legislative Information Steinbeck
SB6 To Amedn RSMBS 401.20 Talkington, Paxton
SB7 To Create Statute 502 Arnold, et al.
SB8 To Create RSMBS 206 Berkshire, et al.
SB9 Athletic Attendance Freedom to Officials Daugherty, et al.
SB10 Proper Nutrition Srinivasan, et al.
SB11 To Repeal RSMBS 102 Pultman, et al.
SB12 To Outline Jurisdiction Hendricks, et al.
SB13 To Create RSMBS 116 Schneider, Bean
SB14 Sheriff Assistance Hartman, et al.
SB15 To Permit Technology Use Moulder, et al.
SB16 To Amend RSMBS 402 White, Trindade
SB17 To Create RSMBS 116.0 Jurries, et al.
SB18 To Create RSMBS 601.1 Winder, Macken
SB19 To Amend RSMBS 404 Bean, et al.
SB20 To Create RSMBS 302.00 Allgood, Moulder
SB21 Hand Soap in Dormitories Brown, Ensor
SB22 To Create Statute 503 Ensor, et al.
SB23 To Amend RSMBS 201.30 Snider, et al.
SB24 To Amend Statute 301.40 Gao, et al.
SB25 To Create Statute 206 Swisher
SB26 To Create RSMBS 116 Nettler, et al.
SB27 Kraken Bill Schneider
SB28 To Amend RSMBS 110.1 Benedetti, Pultman
SB29 To Create RSMBS 116 Ensor, et al.
SB30 Voting Locations Jurries, et al.
SB31 Press Passes Rauth, et al.
SB32 "Visitor's Wednesday" Rauth
SB33 Acting Militia Daugherty
SB34 To Create RSMBS 501.2 Daugherty, et al.
SB35 Registration Time Slots Arnold, et al.
SB36 Athletic Opportunities Boatman, et al.
SB37 Free Food Act All
SB38 Food Variety All
SB39 General Outlet Store Smith, et al.
SB40 Eliminate Fire Marshall Positions Mohabbat
SB41 Protection of Employees Pasley, Trindade
SB42 Eliminate Political Party Payment Allgood, Moulder
SB43 Public Defenders Pasley, Trindade
SB44 Governor Sharing Information Castle, Mansoor
SB45 Prevention of Fraud Steinbeck, et al.
SB46 Regarding Mafia Steinbeck, et al.
SB47 Equal Campaigning Act Liu, et al.
SB48 Adding Dodgeball McClanahan, et al.


Senate Resolutions









Number Title Sponsor
SR01 To Reform Senate Prayer Pultman, et al.
SR02 To Recognize Carver City Swisher
SR03 To Amend Senate Nameplates Snider, et al.


Senate Joint Resolutions









Number Title Sponsor
SJR01 To Amend MBSC Article VII Hartman, et al.
SJR02 To Amend RSMBS Preamble Benedetti, Owens








Did you know...
The Missouri Boys State House and Senate use the actual Missouri State Constitution as their model for the passing of bills and resolutions.



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