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"MO Boy's State was one of the best weeks in my life. It not only was a great way to learn about our government and hear public speakers, but it was also a life-changing event."

-- Dylan Noble '10
Sedalia, MO

Democracy in Action

The 2019 Missouri Boys State Awards ceremony was held in the University of Central Missouri Multipurpose Building on Saturday morning.

The countless accomplishments made throughout the week were formally recognized with an award ceremony, marking the end of a fantastic 80th session of Missouri Boys State.

Throughout the week, these high school juniors were given the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and understand the impact they can have on themselves and the world around them. These leaders have made lifetime friends and memories, truly making Boys State A Week To Shape A Lifetime.

Citizen of the Week Scholarship
Winner: Sarvesh Palaniappan - Carver City, O'Fallon, MO
Receives $10,000 Scholarship ($2,500 renewable for four years)

1st Alternate
Ryan Andrew Medley - Clark City, O'Fallon, MO
Receives $2,500 Scholarship

2nd Alternate
Ryan Dasani Staples - Boone City, O'Fallon, MO
Receives $1,500 Scholarship

Additional Alternates:
Ethan Stone - Doniphan City, Maryville, MO
Joel Schoonover - Lewis City, Jefferson City, MO
Adam Kendrick - Gambrel City, Bridgeton, MO
Warren Barge - Weyer City, Kansas City, MO
Sam Andersen - Pershing City, Parkville, MO
Receive $500 Scholarship each

Boys Nation Delegates
Sarvesh Palaniappan - Clark City, O'Fallon, MO
Nevin Dubinski - Gambrel City, Columbia, MO

1st Alternate
Jason Hensley - Boone City, Kansas City, MO

2nd Alternate
Andrew Ogden - Clark City, Ellisville, MO

Boys Nation will be held on the campus of Marymount
University in Arlington, VA, July 19-27, 2019.

Samsung American Legion State
Scholarship Winner and National Finalist

Caleb Martonfi - Duggan City, Eldon, MO
Scholarship amount to be announced.

Charlie W. Mickey Scholarship Winner
Thomas Trout - Blair City, Wildwood, MO
Receives $750 Scholarship

Harry S. Truman Model City Award
Ingle City

Jerry Litton Model County Award
Frank County (Boone City and Crowder City)

Athletics Competition
Gambrel City (1st Place)
Crowder City (2nd Place)
Carver City (3rd Place)

2019 Staff Scholarship
Zane Clark,
Riley Dotson,
Albert Edney,
Doug Reynolds

2019 Governor's Cup Challenge Winner
The Amazing 2019 MBS Staff -- 80 years in a row!

Citizen of the Week

Citizen of the Week: Rusty Jones, Ryan Medley, Sarvesh Palaniappan, Ryan Staples


Boys Nation Delegates and Alternates: Jason Hensley, Andrew Ogden, Nevin Dubinski, Sarvesh Palaniappan


Staff Scholarship

Staff Scholarship Winners: Riley Dotson, Zane Clark, Albert Edney, Doug Reynolds


Governor's Cup: Adam McClellan accepting the 2019 Governor's Cup Trophy

Outstanding Awards

Special Accolades awarded to Citizens in various aspects of the program.

2019 Outstanding Awards Winners

Outstanding Lobbyist
Ryan Sellers , Carnahan City


Outstanding Representative
Kyle Vinyard , Carnahan City

Outstanding Senator
Lance Ward, Ingle City


Outstanding Legislative Staff
Ethan Stasiak, Lewis City

Outstanding State Executive Official
William Schellman, Whitfield City


Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer
Ryan Medley, Clark City

Outstanding Fireman
Dylan Whitlock, Kohn City


Outstanding Attorney
Thomas Hershewe, Ingle City

Outstanding Judge
Samuel Skelton, Boone City


Outstanding Journalist
Colin Paris, Weyer City

Outstanding City Clerk
Jesse Best, Ingle City


Outstanding Businessman
Colby Simms, Lewis City

Outstanding City Treasurer
John Gregory, Boone City


Outstanding Political Party Leader
Donovan Cusick, Kohn City

Outstanding Oral Advocate
Sean Vote, Weyer City


Outstanding Business
Fob Mob: Colton Henkle, Richardson City




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