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"Boys State was an amazing experience. It went from "I'll go to beef up my resume" to "I don't want to leave.""

-- Michael O'Neal '88
Cainsville, MO

Legionnaires Continue to Serve


Legion Riders
American Legion
Sons of the American Legion

Since the first Missouri Boys State in 1938, the American Legion has given so much to ensure not only the success of the program, but the success of Missouri's youth. This could not be done without the commitment of the Legionnaires from the Missouri Department Headquarters to the individual Legion Posts across the state. Their service to country and community is greatly appreciated. A special thanks goes to those Legionnaires that support the program both at home and during this 2017 MBS session in Warrensburg, MO.

Charles Goodin
Tom Goodin
Sheryl Smith
Frank Prosser
Rusty Jones
Cary Kellett
Marvin Harper
Arthur Wilson
Kenneth Goth
Ralph Biele

Rich Heigert
Garry Haase
John Doane
American Legion Riders - Post 131
Chris Postlethwait
Roger Wallenburg
Dennis Woeltje
Dan Musgrove
George Scarborough
Lowry Finley-Jackson

Betty Gonzales
Gary Grigsby
Kerry Boardman
Clyde Eddy
Mike Sweeney
M. Denton Mitcham
Lloyd Miller
John Buckwalter
Bill Henson
Joel Hauck

If you are a Legionnaire or a member of the Sons of the American Legion, or eligible for membership, and would like to get involved, please contact your local post or visit the Missouri Department website. And don't forget, you are always welcome to visit the session to see the citizens or one of the guest speakers.







Did you know...
The first American Legion Boys State was held in 1935 in Illinois. Missouri Boys State was started by Legionnaires in 1937.

In Memoriam

Jim Whitfield

Sam Yancey


We lost two dear friends of the Missouri Boys State program this year. Jim Whitfield served on staff for 63 years, and his work has profoundly influenced the Missouri Boys State program.

Sam Yancey faithfully supported Boys State in several capacities, and was a member of the Boys State Operations staff for 16 years.

Both are missed.

The American Legion Department of Missouri

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