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"The experience is a foundation not only for senior year in high school, but for a career and life still ahead. You go home physically tired but mentally exhilharated."

-- Chris Turner '81
Jefferson City, MO

Official Election Results - City

At Missouri Boys State, the heart resides in its sixteen cities that comprise the entire State. The cities of Boys State, on average, consist of sixty individual citizens with one City Counselor and two Assistant City Counselors. Within each city the citizens elect a Mayor, a City Treasurer, and a Municipal Judge, as well as City Councilmen, State Representatives, and State Senators. Within any city the voting process is extremely important, as quality leadership is required for a city to be successful.

Click a city below to see who was elected for each city office.

2021 Session City Elections

Blair City


Boone City


Carnahan City


Carver City


Clark City


Cleaver City


Crowder City


Doniphan City


Duggan City


Emerson City


Gambrel City


Ingle City


Kohn City


Lewis City


Pershing City


Richardson City


Weyer City


Whitfield City

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